Atlantic City's elected leaders are considering whether to sell ads that would appear on city vehicles as one way to avert a shutdown, reports the Press of Atlantic City.

Under a City Council resolution set for a July 13 discussion, the city award a contract to HFT Management, who will sell ads on behalf of the city. During the three-year agreement, the city and advertising company would split ad revenue 50/50.

Councilman Jesse Kurtz first considered the idea in March, when the city was contemplating a shutdown and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals offered to buy advertising on the city's police cars and government and fire trucks.

Ads would be placed on 14 of the city's vehicles from the Public Works and Licensing & Inspection departments with a possibility of more vehicles. The program may eventually extend to all city vehicles except for police, Kurtz said.

Atlantic County currently sells ads on about 20 of its vehicles. In the first six months of 2016, the county earned about $10,000 in revenue.