Photo courtesy of City of Los Angeles.

Photo courtesy of City of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department will lease 100 BMW i3 battery-electric hatchbacks and install DC fast chargers to support the vehicles, according to a city release.

The agency will assign the vehicles to the civilian work force for meetings or site visits and sworn officers on routine assignments.

The agency chose the i3 EVs over Tesla's Model S following almost a year of testing. The vehicles won't be used to patrol the city's neighborhoods or pursue suspects, according to a city release. The vehicles replace 100 aging vehicles.

"We should be thinking green in everything we do — and these new EVs show how local government can lead," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "Our sustainability plan pushes L.A. to speed adoption of greener practices and technologies, which also save money and resources."

The acquisition brings the city's EV count to 199, which the city says is the nation's largest of its kind. The city acquired the vehicles on three-year leases. The city is purchasing 104 charging stations, including four DC fast chargers that can provide a full charge in less than an hour. The LAPD redirected $1.5 million slated for purchasing vehicles toward purchasing the stations.

"Electric vehicle procurement made sense for taxpayers and for the environment," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. "The charging stations we bought will power many more electric vehicles in the future, for much less than the price of gas. Every dollar we save from lower maintenance will go back into law enforcement to keep our city safe. And while our new electric cars will be used only for non-emergency purposes, we will continue to monitor and test new generations of vehicles for their potential to serve as patrol cars."

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