The Barrow County (Ga.) Board of Commissioners has approved a contract to outsource maintenance and management of vehicles to a Ford dealership. Commissioners voted 4-2 in favor of the plan on April 26, the Barrow Journal reported.

Those who voted in favor said proper records were not being kept on county vehicles; those who voted against said the county would lose control over the vehicles.

The interim county manager proposed outsourcing maintenance earlier this year because the county can’t buy new diagnostic equipment and train technicians to keep up with new technologies on vehicles.

The contract will last until the close of the fiscal year and is automatically renewed on an annual basis for a maximum of four times unless terminated. The dealership will charge a labor rate of $74 per hour for cars, minivans, and light trucks, and $89.97 per hour for diesel vehicles, equipment, tractors, and trailers, according to documents provided to commissioners during their voting session. The dealership also outlined costs for various preventive maintenance jobs, including $39 for oil change and tire rotation.