VIDEO: Knowledge Sharing Series: John Clements

In Government Fleet’s Knowledge Sharing video series, John Clements, retired fleet manager, discusses changing vehicle technologies, lack of funding, motivating employees, and trying to do too much.

Clements worked at the San Diego County fleet for more than 33 years and at the City of San Diego fleet for nine years. During his career, Clements completed two successful managed competition projects, leading the public fleets to win the contracts at both the city and the county; created and implemented a complete vehicle chargeback program for the county; and created and implemented integrated vehicle acquisition, maintenance, management, and utilization programs.

He was inducted into the Public Fleet Hall of Fame in 2014 and was named the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year in 2007. He retired in 2015 and has stayed connected with the fleet industry.

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About This Series

Government Fleet continues its Knowledge Sharing video series featuring veteran fleet managers sharing advice and tips for new fleet managers. This series was created to address the “graying” of the industry and to allow experienced fleet managers to pass along their industry knowledge.