Photo of NOFD ladder truck via Wikimedia.

Photo of NOFD ladder truck via Wikimedia.

The city of New Orleans has issued an invitation to vendors to bid to supply new fire trucks, reports WDSU News.The bid asks for traditional fire trucks capable of carrying firefighters, water, hoses, ground ladders, and tools as well as being able to pump water, according to city leaders.

The trucks' pumping capability is critical as it “allows firefighters to apply water to fire as quickly as possible,” according to the city.

The New Orleans Fire Department’s aging fleet has come under increased scrutiny recently due to its trucks, many of which are at least 10 years old, breaking down and leaving firefighters on their way to calls stranded.

The city is still making final lease payments on the fire department’s current fleet, but has already allocated the funds needed to replace it, according to WDSU News. The manufacturing process is expected to take at least a year once a bid the contract is signed with the lowest bidder.