Collective Data, Inc., a provider of fleet operations management software systems, has released collectiveFleet 6.1, a new version of the software that adds a variety of base features and reporting improvements to users.

"We took a close look at the existing features of the system and wanted to accommodate as many of the bigger, more common requests our customers were asking for in the next version," said Jake Workman, a client solutions engineer at Collective Data.

Version 6.1 includes a number of fixes, new functionality, and new reports to help improve customer productivity and allow for more detailed tracking in some areas. Some of the new features of version 6.1 include:

Mission Control – Mission Control is a dashboard-style screen that allows a user to manage various aspects of the fleet in one place. Users will see a summary of important key performance indicators that they can take action on with ease. This was previously an optional module for the software but is now included as a base feature.

Other Improvements

  • Functionality was added that remembers which vendors the organization has bought specific parts from in the past
  • Attached equipment is now easily accessible on the main Equipment screen
  • When adding a work order, a warning requirement will display if another work order is currently open on the same piece of Equipment
  • New fields added to the Fuel Log screen for more detailed tracking
  • Updates can now be applied without disconnecting or requiring users to log out ahead of time
  • Password complexity enhancements added for improved security

Reports – A variety of new reports were added to meet a variety of requests. Some existing reports also received formatting improvements. A few of them include:

  • Vendor Work Authorization report added for sending to external vendors for authorization approval
  • New Work Order Detail report added for easy export out of the Collective Data system and importing into accounting software or other systems
  • Invoice Printout report update
  • Technician Work Form update
  • New Fuel Log Transactions report
  • Questionable Meter Readings report to make it easier to spot outlying meter readings

All of these new features are available in the web version of collectiveFleet and the traditional desktop install. The new version will be rolled out to all new customers as well as existing customers that are eligible for their free version upgrade.

“We are always working to continually improve and evolve our product to meet the needs of our customers,” commented Jason Wonase, president and CEO of Collective Data. "They are facing new challenges every day and our number one goal is helping them meet those challenges head-on."