Photo via Argo.

Photo via Argo.

The Potter County (Texas) Sheriff's Office has purchased an Argo eight-wheel-drive amphibious vehicle for rescues at rivers, ponds, or lakes in its jurisdiction.

The all-terrain vehicle can transport personnel and equipment to and from an incident without getting stuck in quicksand or locations around rivers, Capt. John Coffee told

The Argo 8x8 750 HDI is outfitted with a canopy, heater, bucket seats, and a winch for towing. The tracked vehicle can better distributes weight so it won't sink in the sand. The vehicle cost $31,000, and replaces a vehicle that was lost in the Canadian River during a rescue attempt.

The off-road vehicle is powered by a four-stroke OHV V-Twin liquid cooled 748cc, 30-hp Kohler Aegis LH 775 engine with fuel injection. It has a load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds on land or 850 pounds on water. It can transport six passengers on land, four on water and features a towing capacity of 1,800 pounds.