The State of Wyoming's Department of Administration and Information (A&I) is adding Verizon’s Networkfleet telematics system to about 1,600 fleet vehicles following a six-month pilot with the motor pool fleet, the agency announced.

Installing telematics devices to about 1,600 vehicles will cost the state $244,800 in upfront fees and $363,000 in annual operating costs, which will be funded through the state's self-insurance program, according to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. However, the state expects it will save between $360,000 and $720,000 per year in reduced fuel costs.

Networkfleet provides fast access to vehicle locations, engine diagnostics, and driver behavior patterns. A comprehensive view of the fleet is expected to help reduce operational costs and improve vehicle and driver productivity. The software also integrates with the existing AssetWorks fleet maintenance system.

Telematics will be used by the risk management and motor pool sections of A&I's General Services to monitor and improve overall fleet operations. The State Vehicle Use Policy has been updated to include policies for telematics. 

Installations are scheduled to begin in June, with the first device installed on the governor’s vehicle, followed by the motor pool.