Photo courtesy of Enterprise Fleet Management

Photo courtesy of Enterprise Fleet Management

The Denver area's South Metro Fire Rescue Authority (SMFRA) is partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to lease its light-duty non-emergency vehicles and reduce its fleet size, according to the fleet management company.

As part of a new fleet management strategy, SMFRA will reduce its current fleet by up to 10 vehicles and pool several others to increase utilization. Prior to the partnership, SMFRA managed 51 non-emergency vehicles that it replaced about every 15 years. Enterprise will provide 31 newly leased SUVs and pickup trucks.

Once fully implemented, the partnership is estimated to save the agency $15,000 a year, according to the company. The partnership is also expected to free up mechanics to focus on maintaining first-responder vehicles.

Enterprise Fleet Management will provide regular maintenance, vehicle registration and use reporting for these vehicles, as well as a fuel card program that automatically monitors fuel purchases and miles for each vehicle. Once the vehicles have reached the optimum point in their lifecycle, Enterprise will resell the vehicles.

SMFRA uses its fleet to provide fire prevention, life safety, emergency, and rescue services in the south Denver metropolitan area.