The Maryland State Highway Administration has awarded Webtech Wireless a $2.3 million contract to implement a GPS and Automatic Vehicle Location fleet management system in more than 2,300 vehicles.

The agency is implementing the telematics system to monitor snow plow usage; manage highway contractors; and gain visibility into real-time location and vehicle activity, according to the company. Each of the agency's vehicles will carry a multiple-year subscription license plan.

The agreement comes as a result of the successful pilot program started in 2013 when the state agency tested the fleet management system in 15 of its vehicles.

"We know government agencies require detailed fleet data to ensure efficient fleet operations," said Pete Callaghan, Webtech's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "With this solution, Maryland State Highway Administration will be able to monitor state-owned and third-party vehicles, ensuring accurate material usage; maintaining accountability; and running an optimized fleet operation."