Increased competition in oil and fuel prices is providing fleets with a real opportunity to make new operational savings, according to fleet software provider Chevin Fleet Solutions.

As oil prices are set to remain low in the medium term, a proactive managerial approach could deliver substantial savings against planned fleet budgets.

"When fleets were writing their developing their current budgets, it's fair to assume that the vast majority did not foresee gas prices falling in the dramatic fashion we have recently experienced," said Ron Katz, senior vice president of North American sales.

"Fleet managers will rightly view these savings as a bonus but they should not sit back," Katz added. "Instead, they should ensure they're benefitting from the price competition that we are seeing. With a little online research to find the best prices available and by using their fuel cards and fleet software, they will be able to do even better."

Katz suggested targeting lower-cost gasoline retailers.

"Simply guiding drivers towards the lowest cost local outlets can easily generate significant further savings in addition to the general price decreases across the market," Katz said. "Your fuel card data and the analysis tools available in your fleet software will let you see which drivers are complying and further allow you demonstrate to management the kind of incremental savings that are being achieved. It is a worthwhile win for relatively little effort."