Photo courtesy of Polaris.

Photo courtesy of Polaris.

Polaris Industries Inc., has engineered a Polaris RANGER Crew Diesel side-by-side utility vehicle with an integrated multi-power syste­m.

By flipping a switch, operators can use the system to power hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and welding equipment directly from the vehicle’s diesel engine through the integrated HIPPO Multipower System (MPS) from the Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company.

Operators in the rail, municipal, construction, oil and gas, rental, utilities, and mining industries already use the HIPPO MPS, and this integration with the RANGER increases their flexibility and mobility even more. This is the first time a Polaris vehicle’s engine has been engineered to power a robust multi-power system like the HIPPO.

A properly maintained vehicle will simply need to be fueled up and it is ready to go since all the equipment is powered from the RANGER’s 24-hp diesel engine. This feature greatly reduces the maintenance time associated with four separate systems. The integrated HIPPO 1041CP Multipower System has one hydraulic tool circuit, two quick disconnect pneumatic fittings, two 120-volt electric outlets at 20 amps, and one welding console with quick disconnects.

The RANGER includes such features as seating for three, On-Demand True All-wheel drive to tackle tough terrain, 500-lb. cargo box capacity, and one-ton of towing capacity.