Photo courtesy of Alameda County

Photo courtesy of Alameda County

Alameda County in California was chosen as a recipient of the 2014 Ready, Set, Charge! Bay Area Electric Vehicle Readiness Awards earlier this month. The awards were presented to the four recipients in different categories, and Alameda County received it for the being the Most EV Ready Large Community.

The award is presented by the Bay Area Climate Collaborative and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. A committee of experts in the EV industry, as well as winners from prior years, judged the award.

The county’s Transportation Services division has led the way for many of the county’s EV projects. The awards committee selected the county for incorporating EVs substantially into its Climate Action Plan and General Plans, its EV infrastructure of 80 free public charging ports, and its expansion of EVs in its fleets — currently at 23 EVs and with 26 more to be deployed this year. Alameda County has also provided region-wide leadership heading a collaborative procurement of 90 electric vehicles and charging stations for 10 municipal agencies.

Palo Alto was selected Most EV Ready Small Community for the progress its EVSE Task Force has made in making the city EV-ready. NetApp was named the Most EV Ready Business and Shelter Creek Condominiums was named the Most EV Ready Development.