The U.S. Department of Energy  has updated its Federal Fleet Management Handbook that provides federal fleet personnel with best practices and practical strategies for meeting requirements related to reducing petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, using alternative fuel, and acquiring alternative-fuel vehicles.

The January 2014 updates by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) include new content about:

  • The Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet Performance issued May 24, 2011
  • Best practices for using a vehicle allocation methodology (VAM) to plan for achieving an optimal fleet inventory
  • EPA’s June 2012 update to its guidance on complying with the requirement to acquire low greenhouse gas-emitting vehicles (section 141 of EISA 2007)
  • Resources available from FEMP.

The handbook is a complement to FEMP's Guidance on Federal Fleet Management, which lays out the federal fleet requirements. The handbook was originally published in June 2010, and FEMP released an update in July 2011.

To view a PDF of the full handbook, visit the DOE website.