A former New York Power Authority (NYPA) employee has been charged with using NYPA-owned gasoline credit cards to purchase gasoline for his personal vehicle.

Raymond Encarnacion, formerly a services assistant for the power authority, allegedly stole $2,918 in gasoline from the state. He was arrested on Jan. 22.

Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott's investigation uncovered evidence indicating that Encarnacion improperly removed gasoline credit cards from NYPA-owned vehicles and used them to pay for gas for his personal vehicle. The investigation further determined that Encarnacion attempted to conceal his activity by creating documentation to make it appear as though the NYPA vehicle from which he removed the credit card had been fueled.

Encarnacion is alleged to have committed these acts between August 2012 and November 2013. He was terminated in December as a result of the investigation. He is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 26 for further proceedings.

This investigation is the latest in a series of investigations and reviews conducted by the Inspector General that has resulted in the state implementing a revised, comprehensive vehicle use policy, according to a release.

These investigations have led to at least two arrests in 2013 in separate instances of workers accused of stealing gasoline. Both were caught on camera. Another investigation led to the resignation of two state Division of Human Rights commissioners who are accused of unauthorized use of a state vehicle and parking, and the unauthorized employment of a driver for business and personal use.