Screencapture via ALI.

Screencapture via ALI.

The new online version of Automotive Lift Institute's (ALI) "Lifting It Right" vehicle lift safety training course is now live.

The course is produced by ALI and hosted by racing legends Richard and Kyle Petty. ALI partnered with KPA, a dealer services provider, to adapt material from the Lifting It Right DVD into an interactive, Web-based format. The information presented applies to lift operators at dealerships, independent shops, government agencies, vocational schools, and other facilities.

"With health and safety officials increasing their focus on vehicle service providers throughout North America, it is crucial that members of the service and repair industry take ownership of safety issues and embrace a proactive approach to accident prevention," said R.W. "Bob" O'Gorman, ALI president.

In "Lifting It Right: 2014 Online Edition," a narrator guides trainees through curriculum covering lift types, the lifting and lowering process, and lift maintenance. Throughout the presentation, real-world scenarios with corresponding questions are presented to engage participants, who interact with the content and receive immediate feedback when answering the questions.

The interactive elements provide a positive learning environment and reinforce the trainee’s understanding of each topic presented before moving forward. At the conclusion of the program, a certificate of completion is generated and stored online. It can also be printed if desired.

"The ability to manage training records online is probably the biggest benefit to shop operators, beyond minimizing the slowdown of productivity associated with traditional workforce-style classroom training," says O'Gorman. "With online records, there is no need to print and score a written test and then store a certificate. When training compliance needs to be demonstrated, the manager can just pull up each employee's record on the computer."

The training program costs $29 per trainee. Once registered, the user can take up to 90 days to successfully complete the course. If the participant fails the question-and-answer portion on the first try, he or she may study and review the course as needed before re-taking the online test a second time within the allotted 90 days.

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive a copy of ALI's "Automotive Lift Safety Tips" card and the "Lifting It Right" safety manual via mail.

ALI's "Lifting It Right" DVDs are still available for purchase. "Lifting It Right: 2014 Online Edition" can be accessed here.