Louisville Metro's fleet consists of approximately 2,600 units.

Louisville Metro's fleet consists of approximately 2,600 units.

Louisville Metro, Ky., is moving its fleet and facilities divisions from the Department Public Works to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on Wednesday. Louisville Metro is the consolidated government of the city of Louisville and Jefferson County.

Mayor Greg Fischer chose to move the divisions because they are functions of the agency's budgeting process and are internal functions, while Public Works is the external face of government that interacts directly with citizens.

Fischer named Cathy Duncan the new director of Facilities and Fleet, the new division of OMB. She will report to the chief financial officer and head of the OMB. Fleet administrator Matthew Maskey and the assistant director of facilities will report to Duncan, who had been director of the Parking Authority of River City since 1997.

Harold Adams, communications specialist for Louisville Metro, said this reorganization should not affect workers.

The Facilities and Fleet division is responsible for the upkeep of the agency's physical properties and approximately 2,600 vehicles across all departments except Louisville Fire and Rescue. According to the agency's website, the fleet staff consists of 40 technicians and has two locations.