Photo via West Virginia State Police/Facebook.

Photo via West Virginia State Police/Facebook.

The West Virginia State Police will begin installing in-car video systems in its police vehicles in 2014 under a new deal with in-car video provider Digital Ally.

The state awarded a sole-source contract to Digital Ally, which became effective Dec. 15, for the project. The one-year contract includes a provision for two one-year renewals, according to a Monday announcement from the company.

Under the contract, Digital Ally will install in-car video systems and related equipment in the state police fleet of more than 500 cruisers for 600 sworn officers.

The state will begin purchasing DVM-750 in-car video systems for trooper vehicles in January and install the systems across the entire fleet in 2014 and 2015.

"The contract allows all other agencies, spending units, and political subdivisions within the State of West Virginia to buy Digital Ally's in-car video systems at the same prices and on the same terms as those made available to the state police," said Stanton Ross, Digital Ally's CEO. "In our experience with similar state contracts, many other state, county, and local agencies take advantage of this provision to acquire our in-car video systems, since the State Police have already tested and selected our systems over competitive offerings."