The City of Lake Elsinore, Calif., has purchased and installed the PureForge braking technology on its Honda police motorcycles. Mayor Robert “Bob” Magee said some of the benefits of the braking technology are increased performance, heightened safety, and cost savings.

The purchase of the PureForge brakes is the latest step taken by the City to allocate public resources more efficiently and effectively to maximize its funds.

According to a City release, PureForge brakes do not fade, provide maximum stopping power and shorter stopping distances, and maximize braking performance safety at a lower cost than what the City previously spent for traditional braking systems. The new brakes will save the City on maintenance costs for the motorcycles, eliminating the expense of continuous brake replacement.

The City will host a demonstration on Oct. 4 to provide a brief overview about the technology as well as remarks from Mayor Magee. The demonstration will show a side-by-side test drive comparison of the City’s old braking system versus the PureForge Atomic-Forged brake rotors.

Other Southern California law enforcement agencies have tested the motorcycle rotors.