The Grand Traverse County, Mich., Road Commission has selected a new fleet tracking system for its fleet of 27 snow plows. The Commission plans to implement Webtech Wireless’s InterFleet Winter Operations solution for the vehicles.

The solution will allow the Road Commission to track material use, including salt, sand, and liquid calcium chloride, vehicle engine information, respond to citizen inquiries with real-time information, and redeploy vehicles as needed. InterFleet is a real-time web-based GPS/AVL fleet management solution. The system can provide 6 to 10 updates per minute per vehicle.

“This technology is new to us. Prior to this, we had radio communications that allowed us to contact drivers on the road, but narrow-band radio communications only support four data ports and that isn’t as comprehensive as what the InterFleet GPS system provides. With the new InterFleet solution, there’s virtually no limit to the data you can gather. We expect the data we collect will result in reduced costs for material, fuel and overtime,” said Jerry Heim, Finance Director of the Grand Traverse County Road Commission (GTCRC).