Refuel Colorado Fleets, a pilot project designed to encourage broader use of alternative fuels by fleets, has selected nine communities in Colorado for this project. As noted in our earlier coverage, this project provides funding for “energy coaches,” where each will be employed by one four community-based nonprofits and help auto dealers, fuel providers, businesses, and local government entities in the nine counties selected get started in or expand use of alternative fuels.

"The Refuel Colorado Fleets energy coaches will support the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles,” said Jeff Ackermann, director of the Colorado Energy Office. “Each community will determine what makes sense for them, be that electric, natural gas, propane, or other vehicle types. Each of these provides economic and environmental benefits, making this an exciting project.”

The counties selected for the year-long pilot are Routt, Larimer, Boulder, Jefferson, Adams, Garfield, Mesa, Montezuma, and La Plata in Colorado.

The four nonprofits that will employ the energy coaches include Northern Colorado Clean Cities, Denver Metro Clean Cities, Garfield Clean Energy, and Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency. The nonprofit Clean Energy Economy for the Region leads the pilot program.

In the coming weeks, the energy coaches will work with businesses and governments in the nine counties to analyze their fleets, including characteristics such as miles driven and age and vehicle type and purpose, to determine the best alternative fuel for the fleet’s purposes.