Image courtesy of Purple Wave

Image courtesy of Purple Wave

The City of Tulsa, Okla., began its first online surplus property auction on June 21 for vehicles, office equipment, heavy equipment, and other merchandise. The auction, which includes 13 fleet items out of a total of 74 lots, ends July 12.

The City is beginning its online auction test with Purple Wave and will conduct at least one more test this summer using Lone Star Auctioneers. It will then compare the results of the online auctions with those of the City’s traditional auctions with the goal of maximizing returns and lowering the cost of disposing surplus property.

In this initial test, Purple Wave staff photographed, described, and uploaded product information to its website for bidding, according to Patricia Cummings, purchasing services coordinator for the City of Tulsa’s Finance Department. The company will also collect funds, remit payment to the City, and provide City staff with final reports.

The City is opening its surplus property facility on the last two days so local bidders can view the items.

The City normally conducts two auctions annually, one in the springtime and one in the fall. Cummings said on average, it sells about 150 fleet items per year, auctioned simultaneously with all other surplus products.

To view vehicles and products for sale, visit the Purple Wave site.