The City of Newark, N.J., plans to replace its refuse fleet and street sweepers with vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). The refuse fleet will be fueled at a new CNG fueling station built and maintained by Clean Energy as part of a partnership with Covanta Energy Corporation to expand CNG fueling infrastructure across the nation. Clean Energy and Covanta held an opening ceremony on June 5, according to a Covanta release.

“Our overriding mission is to set a national standard for urban transformation—a goal that includes improving environmental quality through transitioning to clean energy fuels for city vehicle fleets,” said Newark Mayor Booker.  “To this end, we are moving forward with a major program to replace our existing fleet of diesel-powered garbage trucks and street sweepers with new cleaner-operating CNG-fueled trucks.”

The new station is built and maintained by Clean Energy at Covanta’s facility in Newark. Covanta will supply the CNG fuel to fleets and the public. The fueling station project is partially funded by a U.S. Department of Energy Federal Stimulus Grant through the New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition.