The German vehicle market has been growing constantly by around 1 percent per year. There are approximately 50 million vehicles registered in Germany, and about 10 percent are registered as company cars.

The German fleet market is dominated by national automakers, including VW, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

The lease market is very mature with almost 60 percent of all company cars being leased.

“Full-service leasing is also very popular, especially in the big fleet segment. The German fleet leasing market is split into captive and non-captive leasing. All relevant OEMs offer leasing products via their own leasing companies. Closed-end products are the most commonly required leasing solutions, including high-end services that deliver a high level of cost efficiency and transparency,” said Günther Glueck, commercial director LeasePlan Germany.

--By Mike Antich

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet