The City of Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing decided to oppose the city council’s appeal of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s decision to appoint an emergency financial manager (EFM) for the City. Earlier this week, Snyder declared a fiscal emergency for Detroit and set in motion the process to appoint an emergency financial manager to deal with the City’s fiscal woes.

Although Bing said he doesn’t agree with Snyder’s decision, he said there's no point in opposing it and would rather move forward to get the City’s fiscal house in order. He said this is not a fight the City can win “at the 11th hour — in a 30-minute appeals hearing.”

“I’ve held numerous meetings with various members of City Council to discuss the appeal process,” Bing said in a statement. “I tried to figure out a way to support the Council in their efforts to appeal the Governor’s decision and to challenge the Financial Review Team’s assertion that we did not have a plan in place to fiscally stabilize the City. I, like the Council, categorically disagree with that assertion.

“However, when it became clear to me that the Council wanted to go further and request a hearing to appeal the pending appointment of an Emergency Manager or request an enhanced consent agreement— I decided that the fighting must stop now,” Bing continued. “We need to end the drama and in-fighting and understand that whether we like it or not, an Emergency Financial Manager is coming to Detroit. Although I continue to be opposed to the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager, I must be realistic in accepting the fact that the Governor more than likely will appoint an EFM.”

Bing went on to say the City needs to work with the State and the EFM to move City-related initiatives forward so Detroit eventually won’t need an EFM and will be able to manage its finances on its own again.