The City of Little Rock, Ark., Fleet Services and Fire departments have decided to refurbish an aerial fire apparatus. According to Wendell Jones, fleet director, refurbishing the reserve unit will allow the Fleet and Fire departments to save funding for front-line units.

The cost of refurbishing the unit is $250,000; a new unit would cost between $850,000 and $1 million.

This is the City’s first time doing refurbishments, although Jones said, “It has been discussed in the past as a viable alternative to new purchases, especially in the case of reserve units.”

He added that at this time, 10 emergency response units in the Fire Department meet Fleet Services’ criteria for replacement. These include hazmat, rescue, pumper, and aerial units. The Little Rock Fire Department has about 45 firefighting apparatus total.

The Fleet and Fire departments recently received approval from the Board of Directors to move forward. Jones said he hopes refurbishment, which will be done by a contractor, can begin mid-February.

“Depending on the results of this current refurbishment, and due to our current rate of replacement, it is certainly in our best interest to consider refurbishment as a viable alternative for replacement of reserve units,” Jones stated. “At this time, the Fire Department is considering the possibility of refurbishing a 1998 pumper truck.” The Department is waiting for a quote before moving ahead.

By Thi Dao