The new “Fleet” feature helps JLG customers optimize their fleet management right from the app.

The new “Fleet” feature helps JLG customers optimize their fleet management right from the app.

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JLG Industries announced updates to the JLG Augmented Reality (AR) app, giving the digital tool a facelift and expanding its capabilities for users to use on a day-to-day basis.

The upgrades include an all-new interface and experience, new content, cloud-based and offline use, expanded machine inspections functionality, and a new “Fleet” feature.

“This new, expanded version of the JLG AR app not only has a more modern look and feel, but it also operates more effectively and efficiently,” said Ara Eckel, director of product management for connected solutions, JLG. “Taking a machine-first approach, we have evolved this tool with very targeted enhancements and additional features that will improve users’ productivity. Its’ customer-centric design makes the app easier to navigate and more quickly connects our customers to the information they are looking for.”

The JLG AR app continues to provide five functions that increase safety, productivity, and efficiency on job sites:

  1. Machine Visualization
  2. Accessory Visualization
  3. Operation Guidance
  4. Decal Viewer
  5. Inspection Assistant 

Upgrades to the app include performance-enhancing capabilities to these functions, such as a refreshed mobile application interface and experience that starts at the machine level, allowing users to select a product and go directly into its content module from either the menu guide or through the app’s search functionality. New machines and content have also been added to the equipment modules offering users today more than 60 models to view and manipulate in 3D.

Content is now cloud-based, rather than native, to reduce the application’s size from 1.3 GB to 227 MB and enhance accessibility to new and updated content. The inspection assistance functionality has expanded to cover annual machine inspections, daily machine inspections, and pre-delivery inspections.

The new “Fleet” feature helps JLG customers optimize their fleet management right from the app. Users can now add and store multiple assets for tracking by serial number/asset ID. Users can save data on machines and access it instantly, regardless of connectivity.

“Using the JLG AR app, users can get on-demand, digital access to information specific to a machine without ever leaving the job site,” said Eckel. "There are a lot of added benefits and value for users in the updated JLG AR app, and the best part is that it is free to download and does not require a login to use (some limitations may apply in select global markets).”

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