Marine Corps Orders 21 Solar EV Chargers for 14 Bases

Photo: Beam Global

The U.S. Marine Corps has placed a first order for 21 EV ARC solar-powered EV charging systems from Beam Global to be deployed across 14 bases in the continental U.S. and Hawaii, the company announced. The systems were purchased through the General Services Administration (GSA).

The Marine Corps Installations Command requires a turnkey charging infrastructure solution to solve near-term charging requirements without having to wait for construction and electrical projects to be completed. The Beam EV ARC is an American-made, rapidly deployable, transportable, off-grid, and solar-powered EV charging system that supports the accelerating integration of EVs into the Marine Corps’ non-tactical vehicle fleet.

The Marine Corps’ EV ARC systems are off-grid and powered by renewable energy, generating and storing their own clean electricity. Each system is equipped with two EV chargers that are factory integrated at Beam and is delivered as a turnkey sustainable charging system that can power EVs, day or night, and during inclement weather and power outages. The transportable but permanent units include the Emergency Power Panel option for use during blackouts or in locations where there is no utility connection available.

Requiring no connection to the utility grid, EV ARC systems also serve as energy resiliency and energy security assets that can be relocated to charge vehicles in the event of power failures, natural disasters, or emergency situations.

The U.S. federal government fleet encompasses about 657,000 cars, SUVs, and trucks. In January, Executive Order 14008 was signed directing agencies to dramatically increase the number of EVs in the government fleet to help tackle the climate crisis.

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