The Nashville, Tennessee, Fire Department (NFD) has added a new vehicle to its fleet: a first responder medical ATV.

The off-road specialty vehicle will be used to help first responders get access to patients in crowded locations, and if needed, personnel assigned to the ATV can take patients to a waiting ambulance for transport to a hospital.

The new ATV joins several of NFD’s special event fire ATVs that are used during events and on weekends in the Nashville Downtown Entertainment District. The vehicle features an enclosed patient area that allows first responders to provide care in a private, climate-controlled atmosphere. The ATV is also able to carry more specialized medical equipment.

The 4% budget used to purchase the ATV is used to fund medical supplies, support tools, and other non-capital needs of the NFD.Each ATV with the patient enclosure costs approximately $80,000. The NFD plans to add two more ATVs to the fleet by the end of 2021.

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