The CT500 kit includes the clamp making tool engineered and manufactured at Husky Corporation...

The CT500 kit includes the clamp making tool engineered and manufactured at Husky Corporation facilities, 18-gauge stainless steel wire, a wire nut, and mini diagonal cutters.

Photo: S.U.R.&R.

S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, is rolling out the CT500 universal clamp making tool kit which will quickly create 360-degree wire seals that hold a wide variety of objects securely together.

The CT500 kit includes the clamp making tool engineered and manufactured at Husky Corporation facilities, 18-gauge stainless steel wire, a wire nut, and mini diagonal cutters. The potential uses for the CT500 kit are limited only by the imagination.

Automotive: Repair CV boots, coolant hoses, air hoses, and more

Marine: Quick and cost-effective fuel line repairs

Industrial: Repair hose connections in minutes

“The CT500 is great for making repairs involving clamping or banding, especially when other options don’t work as well or are not available. This is one of those handy, keep in the tool or glove box type of products that can save the day when nothing else will work,” said S.U.R.&R. national sales manager Bob Joy. “The CT500 lets you make a clamp of virtually any diameter, as long as you have enough wire.”

Many clamp assemblies, like the common worm-gear clamp, don’t result in a uniform seal around the objects that need to be held tightly together. Wire clamps made with the CT500 however are true 360-degree seals with long-lasting connections thanks to durable stainless steel wire.