Axon's AI-powered automated license plate reader delivers up to eight times or more the plate...

Axon's AI-powered automated license plate reader delivers up to eight times or more the plate reads for the same spend as traditional systems.

Photo: Axon video screencap

Axon has announced its next generation Fleet 3 in-car video system is now shipping to customers. The in-car video system features Axon's AI-powered automated license plate reader (ALPR) service along with real-time situational awareness through Axon Respond for Devices. Axon has partnered with industry leaders Flock Safety, Cradlepoint, and Airgain to make the Fleet 3 solution a reality.

Starting in March 2021, eight domestic and international agencies deployed Axon Fleet 3 as a part of an intensive Beta trial, including Johns Creek, Georgia, PD; Joliet, Illinois, PD; Grand Prairie, Texas, PD; Fort Worth, Texas, PD; and Nevada Highway Patrol.

Blake Bullock, director of Axon Fleet, said, "We've substantially elevated the simple in-car dash camera to one that can automatically and simultaneously scan plates across multiple lanes of traffic at closing speeds up to 140 mph. We've designed the system to be affordable to allow for ALPR deployment across an agency's entire fleet of police vehicles instead of just in a small number of designated vehicles."

Axon is simultaneously addressing industry shortcomings to improve data security, transparency, and privacy by applying a high level of ethical consideration to all products. Developed to balance effectiveness with privacy and accountability, Axon Fleet 3 leverages Axon-developed AI to power the ALPR technology while incorporating safeguards as outlined by Axon's AI Ethics Board report on Automated License Plate Readers.

Axon's Respond for Devices technology is built into Fleet 3, bringing real-time situational awareness including live video streaming, alerts, and location updates enabled by LTE or 5G connectivity — providing real-time visibility and location mapping of vehicles in the field.