FPG Electrified will focus on electrification of light- and medium-duty emergency and specialty...

FPG Electrified will focus on electrification of light- and medium-duty emergency and specialty vehicles.

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First Priority Group (FPG), a manufacturer, dealer, upfitter, and service provider of emergency and specialty vehicles, announced the launch of its new division, FPG Electrified on March 18. This division will focus on electrification of light- and medium-duty emergency and specialty vehicles combined with a suite of products designed to support fleet assessment and conversion, infrastructure, and energy savings.

For over 20 years, FPG has been serving emergency vehicle fleets and creating custom vehicle solutions to meet their needs. FPG Electrified’s mission is to center its attention on creating an EV platform with first responders in mind. Over the years, to meet the market demand for clean transportation and electric vehicles, FPG has designed electric vehicle projects for multiple clients.

The environmental benefits of fleet electrification include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which improves public and employee health. Financial benefits include decreasing maintenance costs by approximately 40% and paying the equivalent of less than $1 per gallon of gas. Additionally, FPG can assist fleets to take advantage of private and public grants, tax credits, and state/federal incentives to lower the investment costs of EVs and charging equipment.

FPG Electrified provides a suite of products and services designed to assist in the planning and implementation of an electric vehicle fleet conversion project for emergency, specialty, municipal, and utility fleets. FPG Electrified assists fleets from concept to execution, including fleet configuration, charging infrastructure, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration, fleet data visibility, project management, and energy storage.

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