Every IceStriker spreader features liquid tanks integrated into both sides of the double-walled...

Every IceStriker spreader features liquid tanks integrated into both sides of the double-walled poly hopper, which hold up to 220 gallons of liquid.

Photo: Hilltip

Hilltip is bringing its IceStriker 1200-4200AM combi spreaders to the North American market. Designed for ½-ton trucks and larger, the new electric-powered spreaders not only offer the ability to spread granular salt, sand, and gravel, but also can be transformed into a liquid deicing sprayer – either pre-wetting material as it’s spread or directly spraying brine to the driving surface for anti-icing applications.

Powered by either 12- or 24-volt dual motors, the IceStriker combi spreader line includes six models with capacities of 1.0, 1.4, 2.0, 2.8, 3.4, and 4.2 cubic yards. The modular hopper bodies are constructed of polyethylene and all mounted components are stainless steel, which helps prevent rust and corrosion. Spreading material is driven by a heavy-duty, 6-inch-diameter stainless-steel auger featuring a variable-pitch design to help ensure steady, consistent flow.

Every IceStriker spreader features liquid tanks integrated into both sides of the double-walled poly hopper, which hold up to 220 gallons of liquid. By adding the optional pre-wet liquid kit, which includes a pump and spray nozzle, an operator can pre-wet spreading materials to help activate the salt as it’s spread and to reduce material bounce.

By adding the optional 6-foot, 7-inch dual spraybar, an operator can now spray brine directly onto the driving surface with a maximum 16-foot spraying width. The addition of a 40-foot hose reel and hand-held spray nozzle allows for easier spraying in hard-to-reach areas, such as on sidewalks and steps. Also, an optional bladder tank increases the unit’s overall brine capacity to 550 gallons.

All spreader and sprayer functions are operated using the StrikeSmart controller. Featuring a color screen, the controller allows operators to customize virtually every aspect of their spreading sessions, such as adjusting vibrator settings, blast settings, and more. Also, the controller allows for exact material feed and spreading width settings (between two and 40 feet), and all systems can be calibrated from within the cab.

Using the GPS speed-control function, the spreader will automatically adjust the auger speed depending on vehicle speed to achieve consistent material delivery, while the manual mode allows for setting a fixed auger speed. The controller also automatically collects and saves data to a USB memory stick. Logging data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this feature provides operators with spreading reports that can reduce potential liability issues. Accessory buttons are built into the controller, making the actuation of any standard or optional accessories simple.

Another ability with the controller is the optional adjustable spreading symmetry function. Typically only found on larger truck spreaders, this feature allows the operator to adjust the direction of material off of the spinner from the cab-mounted control. This is ideal when working in parking lots or when working on properties adjacent to other businesses, so the operator can ensure material is being directed away from vehicles. An easy to understand graphic indicates the current direction of the material, which can be easily adjusted with the integrated dial.

For maximum control and observation of an equipment fleet, all IceStriker spreaders are compatible with Hilltip’s HTrack tracking software option. This allows for complete remote tracking and management of all software-installed spreaders from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. One can monitor treatment routes, vehicle speed, GPS location, and material usage in real-time. All of this information can then be used to generate PDF reports. Also, the two-way GPRS communication channel allows application rates to be remotely set and adjusted for each customer’s site depending on weather conditions.

Other standard equipment on the IceStriker Combi Spreader includes a sealed, weather-resistant motor enclosure, automatic vibrator, integrated tie-down loops, top screen, pre-routed accessory wire for simplified light/rear camera installation, and an inverted-V structure over the auger drive to reduce heavy start-up loads on the feed mechanism.

Additional accessory options include an LED work light, strobe lights, illuminated license plate kit, rear and indicator lights, legstand for more convenient storage/installation, end material alarm sensor on the spinner, tarp cover and an extended auger (+24-inches) for axle loading optimization. One can also choose to get the hopper in orange instead of the standard gray color.