Leeboy’s 3000C Force Feed Loader   -  Photo: Leeboy

Leeboy’s 3000C Force Feed Loader 

Photo: Leeboy

Leeboy describes its 3000C Force Feed Loader as a “year-round workhorse” for picking up snow, millings, or other windrowed material. The loader features a climate-controlled operator’s platform and cab and performs high-capacity material loading with single- or double-lane operation in roadway applications.

Brian Hall, territory manager, southern region, for LeeBoy, said year-round windrowed material loading is the most popular use for municipalities using the machine, and he described windrow as a pile of material in the middle of the road after a grader pulls the material from the side of the road.

In the past, municipalities would use a front-end loader to dig up that windrowed material and dump it into a dump truck. But using a front-end loader for such a menial task, making that loader unavailable for more important projects, was costly for municipalities.

“This machine was developed so it could continuously pick up that windrow of material and load it into a dump truck without even stopping,” Hall said. “It just makes that municipality that much more efficient.”

Leaf pickup and snow pickup are additional uses for the 3000C, but Leeboy designed the machine to pick up just about any windrowed material.

The company says shoulder work is a challenge for many municipalities as dirt and debris pile up. To continue meeting the challenge, Leeboy has implemented various improvements to the machine year after year, including a stronger engine, temperature-controlled cabs, and a high-torque auger option for heavy snow removal.

Users of the 3000C get a choice of a tapered or multipurpose moldboard. Other performance features include a Cummins diesel Tier 4 Final, 130 hp engine, two-speed, hydrostatic transmission, fully enclosed, lockable cab, and discharge material to either side of the machine.