AutoSense Locking Technology Boosts Safety

Photo: InterMotive Vehicle Controls

InterMotive Vehicle Controls, a manufacturer of electronic control systems, has included the innovative AutoSense locking feature on multiple products. AutoSense automatically locks and unlocks OEM and non-OEM doors based on the proximity of a fob to the module. Depending on the application, the feature is activated using either an OEM or InterMotive supplied fob.

The feature already comes standard on the law enforcement IdleGuard system, made specifically for the Dodge Charger Pursuit. AutoSense has recently been added to the EcoStar III idle mitigation system and the IdleLock key-out secured idling system. More products are scheduled to be enhanced with the locking feature shortly.

The inclusion of AutoSense in InterMotive products makes it easier for users to secure vehicles when exiting. Eliminating the time it takes to lock and unlock the doors, including auxiliary doors or cabinets, while performing a job also adds a convenience and safety factor users find valuable.