New Enhancements for Komatsu Motor Grader

Photo: Komatsu

Komatsu America has put together a long list of standard features for its GD655-7 motor grader under categories such as cab enhancements, under the hood improvements, and powertrain performance.

Under the hood, Komatsu designed a diesel particulate filter and other after-treatment components in conjunction with the engine to result in efficiency and long life.

In the area of powertrain performance, Komatsu designed and built a power shift transmission with torque converter, specifically for Komatsu graders. The transmission provides on-the-go, full power shifting in addition to inching capability and automatic shifting in the higher ranges.

Cab Enhancements

Nathan Repp, product manager for Komatsu Motor Graders, noted the new electrohydraulic proportional control valve on the GD655-7 as the “real calling card” of the new version compared to the previous model iteration, the GD655-6.

“Essentially, there’s no more pivots, arms, and levers actuating physical hydraulic valves,” Repp said. “It’s all electronic control now.”

The company heard from customers wanting more relaxed, low-effort control of the machine, and some of the new cab enhancements in that area include new multi-position adjustable arm rests and LH/RH consoles with power raise/lower and mechanical fore/aft adjustments the company built to adjust to operator preferences.

A slightly smaller but “right sized” steering wheel with the new electronic steering lever is another cab enhancement, and Komatsu built that enhancement to provide more visibility and operator room in the cab. That helps provide convenience for long trips.

Repp also said Komatsu plans an additional feature the company has geared toward government entities: The machines will come standard with 2D cross slope control. The company implemented that feature for entities performing road maintenance work, in which cross slope is an important factor.