-  Photo: VIA Technologies, Inc.

Photo: VIA Technologies, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc. has launched the VIA Mobile360 AI forklift safety kit to prevent accidents and avoid losses from damage to goods in busy warehouses and supply chain hubs.

With its real-time 360° SVS (Surround View System) video and DMOD (Dynamic Moving Object Detection) capabilities, the kit enables forklift operators to identify potential safety hazard threats such as the unexpected arrival of another vehicle or person within a close range in time to take appropriate action to avert a collision.

The kit’s highly-sophisticated DMS (Driver Monitoring System) further enhances worksite safety by issuing alerts whenever it detects signs of operator fatigue, distraction, and dangerous behavior such as using a smart phone. To prevent unauthorized staff from operating the vehicle, the DMS also supports Driver ID using facial recognition technology.

The VIA Mobile360 AI forklift safety kit is available now and comprises a full set of system hardware, software, AI algorithms, cameras, and expansion options to meet specific deployment requirements.

Its key features include:

  • Robust ultra-compact VIA Mobile360 M810 in-vehicle system with wide operating temperature range and 9~36V DC-in with ACC/IGN
  • Four FOV-190° cameras supporting real-time 360° SVS (Surround View System) video and front/rear DMOD (Dynamic Moving Object Detection)
  • One FOV-60° camera with infrared for DMS (Driver Monitoring System), including support for yawning, drowsiness, eyes closed, head down, smoking, and phone usage detection as well as Driver ID (Facial Recognition)
  • Speeding alert using CAN Bus
  • 7” high-resolution display panel
  • Optional seat belt buckle sensor
  • Optional ultrasonic proximity sensors/mmWave short distance radar sensors
  • VIA Mobile360 SDK for Fleet Management and Cloud Integration
  • VIA Mobile360 Software Calibration Tool for easy installation