Anne Arundel County, Md., Executive Steuart Pittman directed the Office of Central Services to begin converting the county’s fleet of over 1,600 conventional vehicles to fully-electric models on July 28.

A memo sent to the Director of Central Services calls for the immediate replacement of conventional vehicles with more efficient models where possible, and directs the Office to begin a long-range planning effort to identify the infrastructure, maintenance, and personnel needed to convert the fleet to all-electric vehicles within the next 15 years. The memo also requires the Office to produce an annual report with performance metrics and recommendations that will be used to adapt the program as needed in the future.

The fleet will be gradually converted as vehicles are replaced with hybrid, plug-in electric, and all-electric models. By 2032, all non-emergency light and medium-duty vehicles purchased must be all-electric models, and by 2037, all light and medium-duty emergency vehicles purchased must be all-electric models. The Office of Central Services will also establish an inter-departmental workgroup to develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavier vehicles such as vans, trucks, and heavy equipment. 

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