When budgets are tight, leadership and elected officials are more likely to scrutinize fleet costs, making it important for fleet professionals to improve cost visibility and accountability. Department and division heads must have an accurate grasp of their fleet costs to make informed decisions — and determine whether outsourcing may or may not be beneficial.

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, July 14 at 11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET that will delve into how to manage expenditures and costs, how to make costs visible and understandable, and the relevance of cost chargeback rates to discussions about outsourcing. Click here to register for your spot. 

Learning New Facts About Costs

  • Why managing expenditures and managing costs are not the same thing
  • How to make costs visible and comprehensible
  • The do’s and don’ts of using cost charge-back rates to discuss outsourcing

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