NEW YORK - New York City's Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) formally announced a partnership with two online auction companies, Property and Copart, in order to move their city fleet vehicle auctions online.

"New York City's fleet vehicles have historically generated a lot of local interest at auction," said City Chief Fleet Officer Keith Kerman. "Through this partnership, New York City will access a greatly expanded, national audience for resale of our unique fleet offerings."

The City replaces up to 2,500 units in its 27,000-unit fleet, used by 60 City agencies, each year. The City’s use of their online auction partners’ systems is designed open up the process to a larger group of potential buyers. Previously, the City offered fleet assets in public auctions and customers had to be physically present to bid.

Beyond providing online access to customers, use of the system frees up six acres of space at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The City can use this space for development. In addition, using the online systems relieves the City of the cost of managing the auctions itself.