Pictured is the REG Grays Harbor, the company's biorefinery near Seattle.

Pictured is the REG Grays Harbor, the company's biorefinery near Seattle.

Photo courtesy of REG

REG Ultra Clean Diesel — a blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel — is now available for bulk purchase near Portland, Ore. The oil, developed by Renewable Energy Group, is available for purchase at Bretthauer Oil cardlock sites in Hillsboro and McMinnville, and emits fewer emissions than conventional diesel, renewable diesel, or biodiesel, according to a Bretthauer release.

Washington County, Ore., has committed as the first customer to purchase REG Ultra Clean Diesel from Bretthauer Oil.

"Using REG Ultra Clean Diesel will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and particulate matter and make our engines run cleaner and, in turn, more efficiently," said Tom Keyser, CFFA/CAFS, fleet manager for Washington County.

REG Ultra Clean Diesel is a patent-pending blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel that significantly reduces tailpipe emissions and has performance advantages compared to conventional diesel. By combining the increased cetane of renewable diesel with the increased lubricity and more complete combustion of biodiesel, REG Ultra Clean Diesel offers improved combustion quality, reduced engine wear, and more reliable operation year-round compared to conventional diesel, Bretthauer stated.

In addition, REG Ultra Clean Diesel has 20% lower total hydrocarbon emissions, 25% lower carbon monoxide emissions, and 40% lower particulate emissions than ultra-low sulfur diesel.

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