38 Electric Vehicles Replace Gasoline Models at Calif. City

Photo courtesy of GM

The City of Pasadena, Calif., Public Works Department has purchased 38 battery-electric Chevrolet Bolts to replace 37 existing gasoline-powered vehicles. These EVs are on a 36-month lease, and nine are funded by the fleet replacement fund, according to a memo from Public Works Director Ara Maloyan.

The vehicles will be used by Human Resources to respond to accidents and to conduct monthly safety meetings, injury investigations, and trainings; Public Works to inspect project jobsites, for code compliance staff, and as a motor pool vehicle; Information Technology for support staff to travel to various city facilities; Planning for its safety and code enforcement staff; and Transportation for parking enforcement activities.

Public Works expects the EVs will reduce fleet maintenance and fuel costs over the next three years. The EVs also help the city achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Department of Water and Power is currently installing 25 charging stations at a garage that will be fully operational in the next three months. In the meantime, the vehicles can be charged at the city yard overnight.

The Bolts have a range of 250 miles and based on predicted use, the vehicles will only need to be charged once every week or two, according to the memo. Two fast chargers are also available in the city yard that will add 100 miles of range in one hour.

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