The Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower is a towable, self-powered model that boasts clean, quiet operation. LED light modules feature extended life spans, lower energy consumption, and lower maintenance requirements, according to Terex. The light towers are equipped with four 230 W LED light panels to provide users with the clear, useable light.

The light tower is driven by a Champion gas engine coupled with a 3.5 kW inverter generator. The smaller engine also requires fewer maintenance items such as fuel filters, oil filters, or V-belts. A 17.5-gallon fuel tank delivers about 80 hours of run time.

The Terex RL4 LED light tower features 2kW of convenience power, enough to run up to three units at one time from a single engine and two additional units on stand-by. It can also run tools and accessories.  

It is ideally suited for use in short-term situations, such as special event venues, airports, municipalities, and emergency-scene applications. It is available in either Terex white or Genie blue branding.