The Genie Lift Guard Platform Mesh family of accessories is designed to prevent dropped objects falling from aerial worksites. With three options to choose from — half-height aluminum, full-height aluminum, and removable woven screen — these  mesh accessories are engineered to help operators keep jobsite materials and tools from falling out of boom platforms working at height.

Genie Lift Guard Platform Mesh half and full aluminum accessories are available on Genie 6-ft. or 8-ft. articulated and telescopic boom platforms equipped with a swing gate. The half-height mesh covers the lower half of the boom platform area, from the floor to midrail. The full mesh covers all four sides of the platform, from the floor to the top rail, without obstructing the lanyard attachment points on the rail.

They will be available installed from the factory or as an aftermarket kit.

An alternative to the aluminum options is the screen accessory, which encapsulates the boom platform, fully covering the bottom, sides, door, and control panel. This accessory is designed so nothing dropped inside the platform can fall out.

It fastens around the platform midrails using a hook-and-loop and straps around guardrail with 2-inch burst-resistant buckles. Operators can quickly and easily enter and exit the boom platform through the entryway. It be folded to half configuration at height allowing worker to gain access through the mid-rail and top rail at any time while at height. This is available as an aftermarket kit and after installation, it can remain place for up to two years.

The accessories will be available globally in the second quarter of the year.