The Cusco sewer jetter vacuum truck balances advanced technological functionality without unnecessary features, allowing the company to offer it at an attractive price point. It offers digital and hydraulic controls that allow for ease of use and simplified operator training.

The sewer jetter is mounted on a 350-hp chassis; has a unique combination debris water tank that reduces unit weight and frees up space along the side and back of the truck to allow for more on-struck storage; 26-feet by 8-inch boom feature 270-degree non-articulated rotation; noise-reducing silencer system to allow for quieter operation; and a 600-foot jetter hose at 2400 PSI.

Each Cusco product is built to order.  The Sewer Jetter can also be paired with a Cusco Hydro-Excavator (SJX) to give growing municipalities and contractors a powerful option for handling sewer and water line maintenance and digging new lines with one piece of equipment. Other options, including tank size, pressure, chassis, etc., can be modified based on customer specifications.