Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works company, introduced the construction-grade SK1050 mini skid steer, suited for a variety of landscape, hardscape, and irrigation jobs.

Equipped with a 37-hp Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine, the SK1050 directs 30 hp to the attachment. The attachment horsepower, combined with 15 gpm auxiliary flow and 3,625 psi, helps the SK1050 provide quicker jobsite cycle times.

The mini skid steer features hinge-pin height of 83 inches, rated operating capacity of 1,062 lbs., and enhanced lift capacity to ensure the machine can withstand maximum weight at maximum height.

The operator's station includes a spring-supported, 74-sq. in. platform for operator comfort. An easy-to-use auxiliary-control pedal gives operators the power to maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment while freeing their hands to control depth and ground speed. The machine’s LCD display includes programming upgrades to provide direct visibility into all engine diagnostics and performance.

The machine’s high-drive track system includes bolt-on, interchangeable rollers for longer lasting performance. The SK1050 also offers easy access to the machine undercarriage and no daily maintenance points or grease zerks to help ease maintenance.