The Doosan DX225LL-5 log loader features a Tier 4 engine that doesn't require a diesel particulate filter (DPF). It features electronic power optimizing systems (EPOS) that provide four work modes to best match the application. Machine operators can select the best mode to maximize jobsite efficiency and fuel consumption.

To help save diesel fuel and lower operating costs, Doosan added an auto-shutdown system for use during non-working conditions. When configured, the feature will shut down the log loader’s engine when the preset idle time is met.

Doosan log loaders are built with heavy-duty thick steel doors and panels to guard components and maximize uptime protection. A fully guarded, heavy-duty upper structure is designed specifically for forestry applications such as log loading, timber harvesting, forestry access road construction and maintenance, mill/yard operations, and reforestation/fire control. Enhanced heel, arm, and boom cylinder guards improve uptime protection.

Heavy-duty covers help protect log loaders from being damaged. The log loader is designed with a high and wide undercarriage for improved ground clearance above stumps.

The undercarriage’s track includes heavy-duty links with double grouser shoes, rock guards, and full-length track guiding guards. Heavy-duty top rollers include special clean-out brackets to make routine maintenance easier.