The Terex TC85 compact crawler excavator features a combination of a short radius tail-swing and a Knickmatic boom offset that allows operators to dig alongside the machine’s own tracks. Weighing 18,080 lbs., the TC85 excavator boasts bucket capacities from 3.1 – 10.8 cubic feet; a dig depth of 14 feet, 10 inches; a bucket digging force of 11,960 lb.-ft.; and a reach of 25 feet, 4 inches. This new model’s deep digging capability makes it an ideal machine for landscaping, general construction, water and sewer, electric and utility, and municipal applications.

Three track options are available for this machine: rubber (standard), steel, and steel with rubber pads, allowing contractors to match their machine to their applications.

Featuring a Tier 4 Final 75-hp 2.9L Deutz diesel engine with 221 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm, the TC85 excavator meets emissions requirements through a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), which serves the function of a catalytic converter. This translates to a reduced maintenance exhaust system as there is no need for regeneration or to inject diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Auto engine stop comes standard, which helps operators realize fuel savings. Additional fuel savings can be achieved through the optional auto engine idle feature.

This Terex excavator is engineered with a dual-circuit hydraulics system with load-independent flow distribution (LUDV) to allow all functions to be controlled simultaneously and independently of each other. The system has been sensitively tuned to control all functions at all engine speeds, independently of the load. The structural design of this compact excavator also complements the efficiency of its hydraulic systems. For example, the TC85 model is designed with a low center of gravity so that the weight is evenly distributed. A balanced machine enables the operator to quickly change operation speed without the machine bouncing around.

The TC85 excavator can work closely alongside walls and other existing infrastructures thanks to its Knickmatic boom. The articulated joint on the boom of this Terex compact excavator allows the machine to be moved to either side at full digging depth. With an articulation angle up to 120 degrees in total, work can be carried out on narrow construction sites, alongside walls and hedgerows, and on sloping terrain. The Knickmatic cylinder is internally located, protecting against collision damage.

For increased versatility, two boom options are available for this Terex machine: monobloc (standard) and circular (optional). The monobloc boom offers operators a staggered boom set-up to give the excavator extra dumping height, range, and digging depth. The circular boom is ideal for limited access jobsites, such as inner city construction sites, where space is constrained.