OPW's Petro Vend 100 is a stand-alone, pedestal-mounted fuel-control system for small or mid-sized fleet operators who require one- or two-hose control at their unattended fueling sites. The PV100 requires power, as well as pulser and hose-control connections, to initiate system operation. The PV100 stores dispensed fuel amounts as card- and pump-specific totals, which can be viewed on the display screen or retrieved with an external USB flash drive. System configuration is menu-driven and takes place at the terminal, eliminating the need for PC-required software.

Other features include user-selectable PINs from three to six digits in length; hose-based quantity restrictions; dual manual-pump-override control that enables pump relays and the recording of dispensed fuel volumes over a specific time; manager card access in on-screen manager mode that allows program-parameter adjustment, the viewing of card and pump totals, and the ability to transfer data to a USB flash drive; optional dual-head magnetic card and HID proximity key-fob readers; and optional detailed transaction file that can be copied to the external USB flash drive, using the pocket-mounted USB socket.