Premiere Services Fleet Solutions, a provider of advanced technology electronic safety solutions for fleets, announced the availability of the 360° OmniVue driver assistance systems for straight trucks of any size. 360° OmniVue eclipses standard multi-camera systems with four cameras for an all-around view of any vehicle. The new commercial application immensely aids drivers in avoiding fixed obstacles and greatly reduces accidents while maneuvering in tight spaces, backing, and parking.  By eliminating driving blind spots, the innovative system delivers a significant ROI for fleets by reducing repair costs, mitigating downtime and minimizing corporate liability claims.

"The advanced camera technology behind 360° OmniVue has been proven to be effective in making fleet drivers aware of their surroundings, and giving them real-time visual information to respond quickly," said Stephen Witt, director of product and marketing for Premiere Services. "Drivers of larger trucks are at significant risk due to their size and blind spots when making deliveries. The product has gone through extensive testing to ensure that 360° OmniVue will help them essentially eliminate fixed object accidents, which are the No. 1 cause for damage and liability claims in corporate fleets."

The commercial-grade 360° OmniVue camera system utilizes the latest in SVM (Surround View Monitoring) technology, consisting of four high-definition, 180-degree wide-angle cameras installed around the truck: one in front, one in the rear and one on each side of the vehicle. The system’s powerful processor stitches the images from each camera together to create a seamless, top-down view of the truck's surroundings in real time. With industry standard connections, the 360° OmniVue connects directly to any commercial LCD monitor or in-dash screen based radio.

In addition to the benefits of the all-round view, the 360° OmniVue automatically shows a high-definition rearview with grid lines when the truck is put into reverse gear, as well as left and right blind spot viewing when the appropriate turn signal is activated. It can also use the front camera to show a 180-degree view when the truck is maneuvering in tight spaces or entering a street with no other vehicles in direct view. The camera’s 0.1 lux rating is great for nighttime performance and all camera components are waterproof to IP6K7 specifications.

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